EASYMIX uno mixing system is a sterile disposable vacuum mixing system for the secure mixing of bone cement.
The vacuum mixing and cementing technique reduces the porosity of the cement. Reduced porosity leads to a considerable increase of strength of the cement.
EASYMIX uno is comfortable to handle. Just a few secure steps provide excellent mixing results. The use of EASYMIX uno in combination with PMMA bone cements relies on established procedures in the operating room and on well-known and safe processes of mixing and application.
Mixing with the EASYMIX uno vacuum mixing system reduces the porosity of the cement. Studies indicate that reduced cement porosity lowers the risk of subsequent revisions resulting from aseptic loosening. 1) 2)
The reduced porosity of the cement leads to an increase of the fatigue and bending strength of the cement. The usage of EASYMIX® uno vacuum mixing system improves the cementing results and therefore the stability of the connection of prosthesis and host bone.2)
EASYMIX uno is suitable for retrograde filling.
The EASYMIX mixing system consists of the EASYMIX vacuum pump, the EASYMIX cement injector and the EASYMIX uno cartridge sets.
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