Bone Substitutes

PerOssal® is a synthetic, biodegradable and osteoconductive bone substitute material for restoration and filling of bone defects.
The unique microporous structure ensures uniform uptake of liquid substances (such as antibiotics) and their controlled sustained release [1].
The complete resorbability and simultaneous formation of new bone makes explantation of the material unnecessary [2, 3].
Nanocrystalline / porous
Promotes natural bone growth.
Suitable for increasing volume with autologous cancellous bone transplantation [4].
Suitable as carrier material for aqueous solutions (e.g. antibiotics [1, 5]).*
Custom loadable
Targeted highly effective antibiotic protection of the bone substitute material and the surrounding tissue according to the individual antibiogram with minimum systemic side effects.*
Controlled long-term protection (10 days) from colonization of the bone replacement material with sensitive bacterial pathogens [6].*